NutriAware is dedicated to raising nutritional awareness. Following scientific nutrition research findings, and accredited nutrition and health guidelines. It is within our goals to design programs and individual-focused consultations and workshops to help you achieve and maintain well-being.

Key Outcomes:

Optimum Nutrition, Fitness, Awareness, and Independent Self-help.



1.       Nutrition consultations based on individual needs; eg. Child Nutrition, Maternity, Sports Nutrition.

2.       Initiating and adapting exercise regimens.

3.       How to cope with and overcome challenges of adapting a healthy lifestyle.

4.       Medical Nutrition Therapy for disease management: Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, CVD, Hyperlipidaemia, IBS, Cancer.


1.       To provide our audience and members with scientific based information on Nutrition and Wellbeing ( fitness and physical activity, psychological self-help and meditation ).

2.       Food Recipes with Nutrition information.

3.       Inspirational Yoga, Meditation and self-help posts.


Nutrition workshops, planning regular fun meetups and learning activities.