About Sara Dedeche

Dietetics Bsc, Human Ntrition MMedSci.

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Dietetics (Bachelor of Science), Health and Nutrition Department, UAEU , UAE

Masters of Medical Science MMedSci Human Nutrition, Oncology and Metabolism, Sheffield Medical School, UK


  • Dietetics Internship, Tawam University Hospital UAE, 2011

  • Clinical Nutrition Postgrad and clinical training attendance, 2012-2013 UKM, Malaysia

  • Full time Dietitian: Diabetes Management, Cardiovascular Disease, heart Disease, Maternity and Child, Obesity, Hyperlipidaemia, Metabolic Syndrome. 2013- 2016, Qatar.

During my previous experience: I have covered more than 3000 clinical cases, mostly with patients with diabetes type 2 and the metabolic syndrome.

Research Interests

Human Nutrition and Metabolic regulations, Metabolic syndrome generally.

Previous Research 

  • Molecular Nutrition; Studied the post-translational modifications of Keratin upon treatment with Short Chain fatty acids on Colorectal Cancer cell lines – A Manuscript.

  • Sarcopenia prevalence in elderly Malaysian population – Epidemiological research protocol and methodology.

  • Childhood Obesity and Physical Activity – Study of Validity and Reliability, UAE

  • Nutrigenomics of Calcium and Protein Absorption – A Review, UAEU.

  • SNPs of Leptin and Leptin Receptors and Obesity – A Systematic Review/Pending.